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Why Do Guys Like to Eat Girls Out?

Q. Why do guys like eating girls out?

A. Euphemisms, always euphemisms... Another way to ask this is, "Why do guys like going down on girls?"

There are a number of reasons why guys like to eat girls out. 

Most women love it, and men love to give women pleasure. It is a gift that he can give her. He loves being able to see, hear, and feel her pleasure. He loves bring her to orgasm. It gives him a feeling of success, and men love success.

It also reflects on his manhood. As a man, he is expected to be able to satisfy a woman in bed.

Male sexuality is tactile as well as visual. Touching a woman gives him pleasure. Holding, stroking, cuddling bring him pleasure. They don't have to lead to intercourse.

He is responding to pheromones. Mating in all animals, mammals and humans included, is influenced by chemical messages. Although the research is a bit preliminary,  pheromones are probably released primarily by scent glands that are concentrated around the genitals and nipples. That would explain why it turns him on to put his nose there.

In Desmond Morris's twelve steps of human intimacy, touching below the waist is number eleven, one step short of intercourse and just after mouth to breast. Mouth to genitals fits into the natural progression — you might consider it step eleven-and-a-half. It feels right to do it in its proper place.

If we assume that intercourse is the only thing important, we would classify eating out as foreplay, but each step of intimacy is satisfying, even if the progression stops there.

Indeed, according to a Kinsey Institute study, 71% of participants consider oral sex alone to be having sex.

Sex for men is much more than a release of sexual tension; it is typically his sole source of intimacy, closeness to another human being. Men avoid emotional intimacy because growing up, they been hurt when they have been emotionally vulnerable. They have learned that it is not okay.

Do men enjoy the act of eating a girl out, not counting the intimacy and the pleasure of giving pleasure? Some do. Some don't. A woman was telling me that some of her boyfriends pleaded with her to let them go down on her. "Every woman has her own flavor," she told me.

She also said, "I make sure it's clean." That's important. The downside for a man is given in this poem (well, triple limerick):

Three men who loved women well
Bet who “the worst part” could tell.
Said one, “This is easy.
I always get queasy.
The worst part is clearly the smell.”

The second man said, “I’m among
Those lovers whose exploits are sung,
But even I’m stretching
When I keep from retching
On the loose hairs that stick to my tongue.”

Said the third, “I don’t mean to dismiss you,
But I’m sure I can settle the issue.
Neither odor nor feel, the
Worst part is really
The damp, rolled-up nubbins of tissue.”


By the time you get to oral sex, you should have gone beyond two individuals giving and getting and have reached a state where all intimacy and all pleasure is shared.


Be careful about STDs. Blood tests and commitment are wise. Barriers otherwise should be a bare minimum precaution.

With the precautions, do it if one of you wants it, and  it's at least comfortable for both of you.

Make sure it's clean.

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