How to Get a Guy to Want You

It is inarguable that being smitten with a guy does not come very easy. There are love stories that end with happily-ever-after and of course, there are some whose fate is the same as Romeo and Juliet. No matter how it all ends, each story starts with the first phase – the attraction phase. If you find yourself wanting to captivate a guy’s attention, then brace yourself for these easy yet helpful tips on how to get a guy to want you without compromising your true self.

Stand out by building your confidence

It is true that men are visual creatures as compared to women. However, it doesn't mean that all they are after are good looks and hot bodies. Men are genetically attracted with women who are confident but never conceited. Remember that you don’t have to look like a runway model to make someone fall in love with you because even super models have their flaws. Their only difference from ordinary girls is that their self-esteem is oozing. Learn how to embrace your flaws and focus on your assets. Men need women who are comfortable in their own skins and they are very much repelled by those who are needy and insecure.

Look good to feel good

Looking good doesn't equate to shopping endlessly for high-end clothes or having a nose job and Botox treatment. As mentioned in the first part, you have to be comfortable in your own self but never too much that you already neglect your wellness. Men don’t fancy women who have dirty nails or women who wear extra skimpy clothes. Yes, you might get their attention but not in a likable way. If you want to be respected, appreciated and taken seriously, then show that you deserve it. Always bear in mind that how you take care of yourself is an indicator for men of how you’ll take care of them when you become steady.

Inject a sense of humor in your personality

Being humorous doesn’t mean that you should always launch a series of laughing and giggling fits even if there’s nothing funny at all. Men find themselves intimidated with women who seem too uptight and serious in life so give him a chance to see your funny and “light” side. Crack some jokes or tell him some of your personal anecdotes to make him feel at ease.  

Never treat him as one of your girlfriends

Show him who you are but never talk to him about the things that you usually share with your girlfriends. If you’re dining out, never tell him that the guy on the other table looks attractive. Don’t ask him to go shopping with you and make him bring all your shopping bags. Try to imagine yourself inside a huge hardware store that’s crammed with light bulbs and screws, not a good picture, right?  Lastly, don’t talk about how annoying someone is or how someone’s fashion statement terribly sucks. No matter how comfortable you are with him, there are some things that are not appropriate to share with your date.

Compliment him even for little things

Men value their ego more than anything else, so even if it’s a new haircut or a huge job promotion, never forget to shower him with little compliments. Stroking his ego once in a while is a sure-fire way of making him notice you. However, do not compliment him each and every second for you will only look like a desperate girl who’s sucking up too much. Show him how genuinely you appreciate him without looking fake or sarcastic.

Be interested with what he’s doing

Even if you don’t like his hobbies or fascinations, you should not criticize him. Men particularly love it if women go the extra mile to show their interest towards the things that fascinate them. If he’s into playing video games, tease him that you can do better and that you two should challenge each other one time. If nature tickles his heart, invite him for an afternoon stroll and coffee. If you make him feel that you’re supporting him, he will enjoy your company even more.

Be the embodiment of class and grace

This is the most vital of all secrets of making a guy fall head over heels for you. The famous Sex and the City icon Carrie Bradshaw once said that, “When men attempt bold gestures, it’s considered romantic. When women do it, it’s often considered desperate or psycho.”  Despite the societal evolution, deep within them, men still long for women who are graceful. They want women who seem to have an air of mystery emanating from them. If you are so transparent, what makes you think that men will chase you? Think of Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly who were considered to be the most graceful and stylish women that ever lived. They didn’t go around chasing after men because men obsessed over them. There seemed to be so much more behind their finesse which made men want to know more about them. They mastered the answer to how to get a guy to want you.

If you have the time, try to research Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly along with other women who made history using their poise and elegance. Whenever you experience trying situations, put yourself in their shoes and ask what they’ll do in your place.

Never be too available because if you are, men won’t take you seriously. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? The point is to let them know that you are empowered. Let them go after you. After all, you are a goddess who deserves to have a lovely treatment.

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Be prepared for the outcome

If butterflies finally filled his stomach, then congratulations! He truly deserves to have a rare gem like you who’ll go very far to make him happy.

However, there are times that things do not go the way you want them to be. Things might not work out for you and your object of affection, yet it doesn’t mean that you’re not good enough for him. Whatever his reasons are, don’t let rejection consume you. As long as you know how to get a guy to want you, be confident as you go out and fish in the ocean. You are beautiful and smart so in no time, you will definitely be a femme fatale! 

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