How To Know That A Guy Loves You

Decoding a guy's action can cause headache for most girls. It is because men aren't as articulate as women in expressing their feelings in words. If you keep on asking, "How do men show love?" then there are affection detection hints that a guy can't hide.

Studies show that men do not rely on words to express their feelings. Men are action oriented. Feelings for men call for action. That's why, when you want to talk about your feelings with a man, he reacts as if the feelings are a problem to be solved. It never occurs to him that it is an opportunity to build emotional closeness. So how do men show love? When a woman asked a man I knew whether he loved her, wanting him to say the words, he responded, "Haven't you been paying attention to what I have been doing?" It is a more often a matter of communication style rather than commitment issues in men .

This article will outline some behavioral signs he may not realize he is sending you.

1. He Lends You His Most Beloved Possession

Any guy who's head over heels on you will happily lend his laptop, iPod or his favorite jersey because he sees it as an opportunity to show his feelings for you. He knows it is possible for you to lose the item but he wants to make a sacrifice to show his trust and care for you. His most precious possession is considered as an extension of himself, any girl who watched his guy arranging his collection of action figures or comic books would know that it is part of his identity. So, when he freely lends it to you, in a way, he is also offering himself.

2. He is Open to Having His Picture Taken with You

If he poses for a camera shot with his arm around you, he is announcing to all who see the photograph, now and hereafter, that you are together. He is announcing to other women that he is taken. He is renouncing that most common male fantasy of having many women.

3. He Wants To Keep You Safe

Since the earliest days of our species, men have protected women. The knight is shining armor rescuing the damsel in distress is not just a woman's fantasy. Don't be surprised when you unwrap a gift full of pepper spray, personal alarms or stun gun, this means that he wanted to keep you safe even when you are apart. His own security reflex are so powerful he ends up giving you self-defense tools and security gadgets. Isn't it more romantic than the usual flowers and chocolates?

4. When Eating, He Sits Beside You and Shares His Food to You

Have you noticed that women sit facing each other, looking into each other's eyes, sharing their feelings, while men sit side by side, talking about what they are watching or what it reminds them of -- external things? Early in dating, a man will sit across from you, but when he becomes comfortable with you, he will want to sit beside you. Sharing a meal is a fundamental human ritual, expressing and building community. Sharing food goes beyond that. Sharing food goes back to the beginnings of our species -- males becoming hunters and bringing back their kill to share with their females, children, and community. He is symbolically providing for you.

These are ways men show love -- through action. To know if he loves you, see what he does.

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